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Safely Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge

Bringing the first AHA- complaint Convertible Ventilator to hotspots across the globe.


Washington, D.C.: Airmid Critical Care Products today announced its Convertible Ventilator to meet the urgent demand for safe and rapid deployment of ventilators at the onset of our COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The Convertible Ventilator is compact and inexpensive and converts from a manual, hand-held ventilator to a mechanical one, allowing continuous care for the patient. It is the only convertible, compact ventilator that is built around a manual device that is AHA guideline compliant; to prevent over- inflation of the lungs- a crucial, life-saving distinction for the patient demographic.


“Our Convertible Ventilator is derived from our focus on advancing the standard of  care for manual ventilation.” says Peter Cullum, Managing Director at AirMid. “By mechanizing our Volume Controlled Manual Ventilator, we are able to make mechanical units that are simple, easy and inexpensive to build. Because they are also small and light enough to be portable, the US Army has provided a grant to expedite their production. We feel we have answered the needs of patients and emergency medical professionals across the spectrum of care.”


Features and benefits of the Airmid Convertible Ventilator include:


  • Invented by a decorated Air Force medic to address the unnecessary death and injury caused by inadvertent over-inflation of the lungs in the care chain.

  • Compact; it starts as the only manual ventilator to safely prevent injury to the

  • lungs and converts to a small, highly-effective mechanical ventilator in seconds, ensuring continuity of care from field to ICU.

  • Inexpensive and requires no change of protocol for medics in times of duress.


The AirMid Convertible Ventilator will be available starting in 18 weeks. For more information, visit


About AirMid Critical Care Products:

AirMid was just awarded a grant from the U.S. Army, to accelerate engineering and manufacturing development. They won this distinction from a field of 150 entrants to the xTech|COVID-19 Ventilator Challenge.


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AirMid's Convertible Ventilator

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