In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, 

AirMid Critical Care Products has created

the only convertible, low-cost, portable, and

AHA guideline-compliant ventilator.

  • For field and emergency use,

  • for developing countries, &

  • for ongoing, critical care

Two Components:

Our patented volume-controlled, manual ventilator


a mechanical housing for continuous, hand-free use


The AirMid Convertible Ventilator

Our manual component is the only hand-held ventilator that is AHA Guideline compliant.

The mechanical housing converts it into a hands-free unit for continuous use.

Its ease of use is the same as the currently used, non-compliant bags, but its patented technology prevents inadvertent over-inflation of the lungs.

For Covid-19 patients who are suffering from already compromised lungs, this can be the difference between morbidity and survival.




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